By Stanton Bost

I am a DigitalThinker—I think.

Let me preface this as I begin because it may start a bit off track. On first glance, it may seem like this has nothing to do with the question, “What is a DigitalThinker?” at all. I may end up wandering around, sharing random and fun stories as I tell this tale.

Please bear with me. This post is fueled by emotion and passion.

Before I tell you what I believe makes a DigitalThinker, I will try to share my abbreviated story.

I will never forget the day I got the call from Tony to let me know it was time to come to work. It all began about a year before during conversations about potentially becoming a software consultant and working with his company—DigitalThinker. It seemed interesting enough to spend some time with Tony, learning what it was about and what would be involved. I had no idea, though, what was coming. I had no clue what I was getting myself into with Tony, and I do not know if he really did either.

To this day we laugh about how it is one big party, and more people keep joining the fun! Regardless,  the day I got the call is the day my life forever changed. At the time, I was working in food and beverage for a theme park.

That day, after giving my notice, I got home from work and it was as if I had just walked onto the set of a sitcom. “Honey, I quit my job today, I’m going to be an EAM consultant with Tony,” I told my wife. The scary part was that I could barely spell EAM and had no idea what being a consultant entailed—and that is where the story of how I became a DigitalThinker begins.

There are a few Masters of EAM, and I was fortunate enough to start out in this world with the chance to learn from the best as I came onboard and worked alongside Tony for many months. His passion for EAM and for helping his customers was contagious and it was not long after that I realized I may have fallen into what I was cut out to do.

I went on the road and began working with customers. It took a while for me to get into the groove of what a consultant’s life was really like—along with all of the expenses and adulting that came along with it. And I’m still working on it and hope to be a master of that one day. I was jumping around the country helping everyone I could—training, troubleshooting, surviving, learning, failing, and succeeding. And the whole time I had no idea I was at work. I was having the time of my life with my customers, and that is when I realized I had become a DigitalThinker, not a consultant.

What makes a DigitalThinker more than just a consultant? Relationships, of course.

Our team members work together to accomplish the mission, no matter what it takes. We understand product knowledge can be taught but healthy relationships are critical to the success of a project. These kinds of relationships are developed—not forced. We take pride in the relationships we have with each of our customers. We become a part of your team and you become a part of ours. An example of this is based on the fact that we all still work closely with our first customers.

In my case, that is eight years of EAM fun, which translates to a solid relationship. Customers have one long lasting point of contact, which streamlines the work and communication for the project. Partnering alongside someone you get along with for the life of an EAM project does not sound like work to me. And I love being a DigitalThinker.

In closing, if you stuck with me this long, I hope, if nothing else, you can take away that the team at DigitalThinker is passionate about what we do and who we are. I am proud to be a DigitalThinker and this is my story.

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