Hexagon EAM Training

Hexagon EAM software training

Training for Hexagon EAM.

Training is one of the critical components needed to utilize the full value of your investment. Hexagon EAM isn’t cheap—let us teach you how to get the most out of EAM!  By providing your users with essential product knowledge, you will increase their productivity and, ultimately, the revenue of your company.

Studies have shown that specially trained employees are up to 230% more productive than untrained personnel in the same role. DigitalThinker can provide you with training customized to your requests or train based on our experience in your industry. Customers have 3 option for training:

1.)  Attend training at our office training center here in Simpsonville, SC.
2.)  We can come On-Site and send one of our experienced consultant to your facility.
3.)  Sign up for one of our Hexagon EAM Virtual Training sessions.

Hexagon EAM Boot Camp Course Description

Done here at DigitalThinker’s training center in Simpsonville, SC — This unique training experience will help prepare you and your team, working side by side to configure EAM to assist with the many demands and compliance requests of your industry. With our experienced consultants, you’ll be able to learn about EAM from the true experts. We suggest offsite training, so that you’ll be free of the usual distractions that surround you at work.

This boot camp only lasts four and a half days and covers the essentials that you need to know about EAM. And while it is intensive and covers a lot of information, we’ll be beside you every step of the way.

We welcome your questions and suggestions for any topics you would like to cover that are not listed below.

Hexagon EAM Training Boot Camp
Hexagon EAM training room

Overview of Modules Covered

  • Basic and Advanced EAM Navigation

  • System Setup

  • Assets, Positions, Systems, Locations, and Categories

  • Work Requests, Work Orders, and Work Order Planning

  • Preventive Maintenance Schedules

  • Equipment Structure

  • Tasks, Checklists, and Meters

  • Purchasing, Purchase Order Revisions, and Receipts

  • Material Lists

  • Requisitions for Parts and Services

  • Physical Inventories

  • Parts and Stock

  • Issues/Returns from or to Stock

  • Supplier Returns

Custom Training for your Team

When you choose DigitalThinker for all of your Hexagon EAM training needs, you can go back feeling confident in knowing how to get the most out of your software. Our specialized training is designed with you in mind. This means that you receive a tailored experience that focuses in on exactly what you need without overwhelming you with useless knowledge.

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