Hexagon EAM Software

Hexagon Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Software

Hexagon EAM SoftwareIn 2006 Hexagon acquired Datastream Systems, Inc. from Greenville, South Carolina. Datastreams primary software products were MP2 CMMS and D7i. Hexagon continued to improve D7i and renamed it to Hexagon EAM. Hexagon Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is the best-in-class asset management software that helps you digitize and optimize your maintenance operations to reach new levels of efficiency. EAM is a purpose-built asset management software that is ready to scale and transform your company.

Hexagon EAM is a web-based software written in HTML 5. The application may be accessed from any browser having access to the internet or intranet, if on-premise. Additionally, the mobile applications support online or offline functionality, ensuring access to critical data and the ability to make updates, regardless of network status or location. Hexagon EAM can utilize SQL Server or Oracle database when purchased for on-premise. Only Oracle is available when purchased as SaaS (cloud-based).

Hexagon EAM is a best-in-class asset management solution that helps digitize and optimize maintenance operations to reach new levels of efficiency.

Acknowledged as Leader by Industry Analysts

Gartner Loves Hexagon EAM. Magic Quadrant – Gartner has placed Hexagon EAM in the “Leaders” quadrant for 3rd year in a row (2017, 2018, and 2019)
A Leader in the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Hexagon EAM Software

Plant Engineering Awards

Some Features and Functionality

Mobile Maintenance

Free from geographical or time zone constraints, Hexagon EAM supports all mobile devices, screen sizes and mobile devices, giving users access to the right information, wherever and whenever needed.

Maintenance Planning

Hexagon EAM’s work management functionality makes it quick and easy to track and manage all asset work requests, labor, planning and scheduling.


Hexagon EAM’s advanced web-based iProcure module helps to consolidate your list of vendors, and monitors all spending from one central location.

Asset Management

With more and more businesses adopting the ISO 55000 series, as well as ISO 5001 and ISO 14224, Hexagon EAM is the perfect tool to help maximize the effectiveness of asset management programs while ensuring compliance with these various ISO standards. 

Conditional Monitoring (IoT)

The ever-increasing presence of smart devices in the workplace has made a real difference when it comes to asset management.

Inventory Management

One key area where many businesses seek to achieve efficiency savings is in inventory. With the in-depth, real time information provided by Hexagon EAM, you can get a better handle on your inventory, managing and controlling business-wide inventories.

Safety & Compliance

Aside from ensuring compliance to relevant ISO standards, Hexagon EAM is instrumental in underpinning best practice when it comes to safety and risk mitigation as well.

Asset Performance Reliability

Hexagon EAM enables you to improve reliability and risk management by accurately anticipating asset reliability. This foresight into asset performance not only prolongs the life of your assets, but minimizes downtime and maximizes productivity, for ultimate levels of efficiency. 

Assets are Essential

A comprehensive asset strategy, with actionable visibility lowers costs and improves profitability by:

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