Fleet Maintenance and Management with Hexagon EAMHaving quality data is a top concern for any business leader—but for a fleet manager it is absolutely imperative that best-in-class data can be accessed on demand 24/7.  Ultimately, access—or lack thereof—can truly impact a business, for better and worse.  And having access to data in real-time offers a fleet manager the ability to maximize productivity, safety, and efficiency while also offering a roadmap to eliminating redundancies and unnecessary expenses.  Fleet managers must have the capability of engaging in actionable decision making that is based on quality insight—and in this regard, Hexagon EAM can be of major service.

5 Ways Hexagon EAM Improves Data Quality—and Fleet Management

  1. Track and Register Vehicle Assets: When you have a large fleet, monitoring and tracking vehicle assets can feel overwhelming. Maintaining assets and organizing warranties, purchase orders, and other documents, is all more than a full-time job, and way too big of a demand on any one person or team. But, at the same time, in order to have comprehensive understanding regarding how assets are performing, tracking must occur from the time the asset is acquired until it is removed from service.  A fleet manager must be able to ascertain what vehicles take the biggest toll on resources, what departments could be optimized for efficiency, and when an asset needs to be serviced or even replaced—as well as if there is warranty coverage.

Hexagon EAM can help by:

  • Creating a parts inventory
  • Tracking warranties and other supporting documentation
  • Logging driver data
  • Monitoring asset service history

With Hexagon EAM, you will be able to architect a foundation that will allow an effective maintenance strategy to be deployed and sustained.

  1. Plan Preventative Maintenance Schedules: Let’s face it, a breakdown is expensive. While equipment will always require servicing, it is a much more effective strategy to engage in preventative maintenance so you can better plan and manage downtime. With Hexagon EAM you can be proactive about your maintenance and handle potential problems, keep your equipment in good shape, and minimize the time an asset spends offline or being serviced.

Hexagon EAM will:

  • Enable you to schedule oil changes and other routine maintenance
  • Optimize your maintenance schedule based on unique situations and/or usage
  • Track manufacturer specs to ensure recommendations are being followed
  • Alert you when it is time for service to be performed

When you make the decision to use Hexagon EAM, you will have the power to keep your fleet on the road and prevent problems before they happen.

  1. Manage Technicians, Training, and Tools: Any fleet manager worth their salt realizes that they need to know how employees are spending their time, if they are completing work orders correctly, and if they are utilizing tools the right way. Therefore, a fleet manager needs to have insight as to whether mistakes are being made or if tasks are taking too long—both of which could indicate the need for training on processes or tools. This understanding impacts not only the efficiency and profitability of the business but is also key to ensuring the quality lifespan of assets and vehicles.

Hexagon EAM will track all of this data for you so that you are able to see if your fleet is operating as well as it should be and help you guarantee that you have the right people doing the right jobs    in the best way possible.

  1. Track Fuel and Vehicle Expenses: No business can afford to waste money or time on fuel or inefficient travel costs. In order to realize the lowest expenditures possible, it is necessary to ensure drivers are not taking inefficient routes through high traffic or construction-addled areas. You must feel confident knowing that driving practices are efficient and optimized—and that means ensuring vehicles are equipped with best-in-class technology.

Hexagon EAM can assist by:

  • Providing an on-board computing system that connects drivers to the back office
  • Sending real-time route or traffic alerts to drivers
  • Outfitting drivers with wearable technology like smart watches, mobile tablets, etc.
  • Offering your business the ability to quickly respond to customer service issues regarding real-time delivery issues, etc.
  1. Manage Parts and Inventory: An efficiently run business has parts on hand when they need them, which means ensuring inventory levels are properly maintained and organized. It also means eliminating unnecessary parts from taking up storage space.

Hexagon EAM will help:

  • Manage purchasing processes to get rid of obsolete or redundant inventory
  • Recognize what parts are used at high levels and are regularly being reordered
  • Track parts when they come in and also when they are used
  • Know which vehicles are a drain because of frequent repair, use of parts, etc.
  • Identify if mechanics require more training on proper parts installation

Ultimately, understanding your organization’s data and having access to pertinent information in real-time will help your business improve efficiencies, control costs, and become more profitable—and effective fleet management professionals need the ability to see data through a highly detailed lens. Hexagon EAM can play a key role in ensuring this becomes a reality—and DigitalThinker welcomes the opportunity to become your partner in this endeavor. Reach out to our team today and let’s start talking about implementing Hexagon EAM in your fleet management processes.  Contact us now.