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EAM Experts - Sustained Thinking - Voltaire

What We’re All About

DigitalThinker has been a leader in asset management since 2003 and are EAM experts. We specialize in Infor EAM, working to align the software to your enterprise processes through configuration, integration and customization. Additionally, we provide continued support to your community through training, guidance and technical support.  Our consultants are nimble and focused, ensuring timely and highly qualified assistance that fits your budget and efficiently accelerates you into a high performing preventive maintenance and asset management.

It’s all about relationships

Our ultimate motivation is a long term partnership with our customers, ensuring that we are both successful together. DigitalThinker can provide both software and services with EAM Expert guidance from concept to completion. We have worked with over 175 companies of all sizes, including large multi-organizational enterprises who we still have a strong relationship with to this day!

We stay focused on EAM, freeing the customer to target the next evolution of their business.  No job is too small and we remain committed to your success through ongoing support.  Our customers like us and keep coming back as their needs change. In fact, we are still working with our very first customer!

Experienced in multiple industries

We work across many industries, including Food and Beverage, Forestry, Public Sector, Education, Manufacturing, Steel, Pharma, Oil and Gas, Energy and many more. Our EAM Experts are very well experienced and knowledgeable in a multitude of various types of industries.



Tony founded DigitalThinker in 2003 after mastering MP2 and MP5 software at Datastream, an industry leader in CMMS and EAM software. Datastream pioneered the Infor EAM technology, and Tony made it his mission to help companies integrate the technology to effectively solve their problems. He founded DigitalThinker on the premise that, as Voltaire put it, “No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking.”

MARIA BOLANCFO & Office Manager

Maria has been an integral part of DigitalThinker since its formation. Her role as CFO and Office Manager has helped to bring DigitalThinker from a home-operated business to a now thriving and successful company. Now with its own headquarters location and several dedicated team members, DigitalThinker is very much alive and growing. Maria is the backbone of all company operations and continues to dedicate herself each day to ensure things operate smoothly.

STANTON BOSTChief Operations Officer

Stanton loves teaching. He captures attention and holds it, motivating people to learn material by demonstrating how EAM software will make their jobs, and lives, easier. Whether it’s in a classroom environment or at employee workstations, Stanton effectively gets information from the training manuals into the minds of those he teaches.  When Stanton is not busy working and traveling, he enjoys fishing and being a brewmaster.

JESSICA BOLANFunctional Consultant

Jessica has a knack for implementing EAM, helping customers troubleshoot any problems they may be having, and doing custom report writing. She has a passion for EAM and figuring out ways to make it work the best for customers. Jessica is also great at gathering data, sorting through it, and getting it into EAM. When Jessica is not busy at work, she loves spending quality time with her husband and two young boys, reading, and going to the beach.

TYLER DAVISTechnical Consultant

After leaving the United States Marine Corps in 2014, Tyler Davis began his journey into the wonderful world of technology at Full Sail University, undertaking and completing a Bachelor of Science in Game Design and Software Development. Now, full of motivation and passion, Tyler operates as an in-house Technical Consultant in training and a Functional Consultant. His expertise in programming along with his creative mindset allow him to solve even the trickiest of problems. In his free time, Tyler enjoys playing and creating video games, restoring classic cars, and fishing.

BRIAN TALLONBusiness Strategist

Brian came to DigitalThinker after a combined 20 years of Sales and Marketing experience in various market verticals. His tech career began in the late 90’s during the dot.com boom with Datastream and MP2 product line. Brian also spent a couple years in the field as an Implementation Consultant with Aptean / Tabware product. Throughout Brian’s professional career he has played a vital role in expanding the growth of many organizations. During his free time, Brian enjoys spending time with his wife and 5 kids, rooting on the USC Gamecocks, going to the gym, and sneaking in a round of golf.

RICHARD BOLANDigital Systems Analyst

Richard specializes in website design, content marketing, and enjoys finding new ways to improve marketing strategies. Richard works full-time as a Paramedic and has a strong passion for helping others but also dedicates his time on his off days in helping the family business grow. When Richard is not busy working, he enjoys a day out on the golf course and spending quality time with his wife and two young boys.

Our focus is on the customer

As EAM Experts, our success is built one client at a time. As a company, our reputation is based on the competence and professionalism we bring to every client interaction. As individuals, our customer relationships are build on integrity, trust and good will. 
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Work with a company that delivers relationship driven service

At Digitalthinker, our priority is our customers. It’s not always about the bottom line. For us, it’s about building relationships and delivering reliable, sustainable and affordable products and services that help companies succeed. But don’t take our word for it…. Let us prove it!

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