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Implement and Customize to fit your needs and requirements.

DigitalThinker helps companies manage their physical assets, inventory and improve preventive maintenance so they can operate at peak efficiency. We do this by providing and integrating Hexagon Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) technology. Not only that, DigitalThinker has the ability to customize the software to fit around your companies specific needs.

Our strategies for the implementation of your new EAM software are developed based on input from you, the client. Our consultants then work with your team to develop and customize your product so it works in the way you need it to. Taking it a step further, DigitalThinker will then provide full, hands-on training to help users master the myriad of ways that Hexagon technology can make their asset management process streamlined and efficient.

DigitalThinker provides a very unique experience. Our existing clients will tell you that the one thing they value the most from our company is our ability to build a strong, close relationship with our customers. The greatest consistency you will find by using DigitalThinker is that we all genuinely care and we want to see your business succeed. Even more, we value your opinions and will take time to listen and understand how you want things done.

For more than 15 years, DigitalThinker has been successfully implementing Hexagon EAM Software to a wide variety of industries. Because of this experience, our consultants have the skills and knowledge necessary to develop customized, creative solutions that most companies would be unable to come up with internally. While most EAM consulting companies barge in with a set standard they try to use for everyone, DigitalThinker takes a much different approach. We understand that every company is different and we work closely with your team to develop a solutions that are right for you.

Most people would agree that clear and effective communication is imperative to making a business relationship beneficial. One of the many things our clients enjoy the most about DigitalThinker is that we listen to them and communicate in a timely and efficient manner. Most of all, we pay close attention to your needs while demonstrating the ability to give an honest, unbiased opinion on the best solution.

You might be in the process of considering EAM or already set on buying it. Either way, implementing a software that completely changes the way your company operates is a big deal. It makes sense for companies to be very attentive to details and selective about whom to trust when it comes to choosing something to fit their needs. Meet DigitalThinker. We’re a team that understands that a new software implementation isn’t something that should be taken lightly. We take the time to listen to you and work with you to understand the needs of your business. Most importantly, we pride ourselves on being a team that truly values what you hired us to do.

High Value Services Without the High Price

At DigitalThinker, we pride ourselves on being one of the most financially competitive Hexagon EAM Alliance Partner in the industry. Furthermore, we are also considered one of the top contenders for Hexagon EAM Consulting Services. For you, that means you get software services that exceed the industry standard for a price that’s rarely matched by our competitors. But don’t take our word for it…. Let us prove it!

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