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DigitalThinker, Inc. Partners with Bentley University for Major Infor EAM Upgrade

It can be a daunting task for any large organization to upgrade its Infor Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) application. That’s why more and more institutions partner with proven experts to guide them through the process, offering a blend of technical expertise as well as project management acumen.

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Infor EAM Upgrade V11.3 – Issues Running Reports SOLVED!

A customer of ours recently had an issue running reports after recently upgrading to v11.3. The issues were with custom reports but also with some of the ‘canned’ (Infor) reports as well. I wanted to share the details of this specific issue and the simple solution to the problem.

November 6, 2019|Categories: Infor EAM Reports|Tags: |

Infor EAM Fields – Custom or User Defined?

Is it better to use custom fields or user defined fields? And really what is the difference? Can I create a lookup for a user defined field? Will they both show up on mobile? These are questions I often hear when users need a field to enter/collect data on Equipment, Parts, Work Orders, etc..

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