Infor EAM: Flexibility and Power for Bentley University

In 2003, the Facilities Department at Bentley University took their first steps in becoming one of the best run schools in the nation when they decided to implement Datastream’s D7i software to manage facilities maintenance. Bentley’s campus at that time consisted of over 25 buildings and residence halls, which needed to be maintained within the high expectations of not only Bentley’s students, faculty, and staff but also the Facilities Department employees themselves.

In order for them to achieve this benchmark, they needed a system robust enough to capture the existing conditions of all systems as well as individual departments within the campus buildings.

Along with the condition of these assets, they needed the ability to track of all the previous work done to get an accurate lifespans of their assets. The University’s Board decided to adopt D7i, which later became Infor EAM when Infor bought Datastream in 2006. Since implementation, Infor EAM has helped Bentley process over 35,000 work orders resulting in a 25% time savings from their previous process*. To assure an optimal implementation, Bentley commissioned the consulting services of DigitalThinker, Inc. at the beginning of this journey and the relationship between the two organizations continues to this day. Since 2003, Bentley has achieved recognition from colleges and universities across the nation becoming a benchmark of quality for college and university facilities.

Upon seeing the potential of Infor EAM, Bentley decided to implement it in a very creative and innovative way—they didn’t just restrict usage of EAM to the Facilities Department, they reached out to the entire campus and gave everyone access to EAM by allowing them to create Service Requests via internet. Service Requests are input by any Bentley faculty, staff or student. They range from simple requests, such as hanging a new whiteboard for a professor, to the more complex tasks like fixing a broken A/C unit in a student’s dorm room. They have essentially added a broader view of maintenance activities to help them maintain their campus, allowing much quicker identification of problems as well as a more rapid solution. Infor EAM has saved the Facilities Department hundreds of hours in labor and overtime costs. Work Order Control is presently operated by only two full time employees whereas before they required eight full time employees.

Before EAM, the only method to get a Service Request to the Facilities Department was by telephone or a written requests sent in by a member of the Residential Staff. The biggest weakness in a system like this is that many Service Requests get lost in transit or filed away assuming the Service Request was completed. How many times have you found a reminder from months ago hiding in the corner when you move a piece of furniture or in a stack of papers on your desk? By giving login access to the students, they were able to immediately report the problem and have the Service Request securely stored in the system for immediate viewing. As a result, Service Requests are now completed within a much shorter period of time after the initial Service request is submitted. This is a tremendous component in keeping Bentley University’s campus in pristine condition 365 days a year.

Bentley didn’t restrict the power of Infor EAM, instead they have expanded its use to include asset sustainability. This venture has proven to be wildly successful. The Facility Managers, using EAM, set up a system that tracks their assets’ energy usage. If a certain asset rises above a pre-determined energy consumption level, a work order is automatically released and the energy provided to that asset is shut down. This cuts energy related expenditures by as much as 20%*. The reduction in energy consumption has resulted in Bentley achieving a 100% Return on Investment for EAM’s Asset Sustainability Edition (an additional feature offered by Infor). The savings they experience continue daily. Bentley’s goal is to be completely carbon neutral by 2030 with the guidance of EAM. It is definitely obtainable with Bentley’s experienced, dedicated Facilities Staff.

A winning characteristic of Bentley University is their innovative Facilities Department. They are constantly investigating different ways to use EAM to further improve the University as well as test the limitations of EAM. Infor EAM gives them the flexibility they need to take on any new project no matter how daunting the task. Whether it’s through integrating with existing software or utilizing the additional features Infor offers, EAM has been able to work with Bentley and watch them continue to meet their goals.

For over a decade, Bentley University has implemented Infor EAM and relied on the consulting of DigitalThinker, Inc. to keep their facilities in award winning condition. The power and flexibility of EAM has allowed them not only track of their assets across the entire campus, but they also get Work Orders/Service Requests input and completed at a pace that would prove to be impossible without EAM.

Bentley is not only one of the best maintained universities in the Nation, but they are also at the top in Energy Management. In fact, four facilities on campus have already been recognized as Energy Star Certified for proven technologies and prudent energy management strategies*. The savings achieved by Bentley University’s impressive utilization of EAM has resulted in a 200% ROI since they first implemented Infor EAM’s Asset Sustainability Edition.

It is clear that the combination of Infor EAM and DigitalThinker, Inc has worked for Bentley University, now make it work for you.