Hexagon EAM for Fleet Management

Effectively manage and maintain your Fleet assets with Hexagon EAM Software

Introducing strong Fleet Management practices will have a very positive impact on the smooth running of your operations. A best-of-breed Asset Management System like Hexagon EAM will include Fleet Management functionality to record data pertaining to the health of your fleet and use that data to make insights and guide actions for your fleet’s maintenance and cost-effectiveness (with cost-per-mile savings.) Hexagon EAM fully supports the American Trucking Association’s Vehicle Maintenance Reporting System (VMRS). With optional VMRS, all Code Key values are included in the Hexagon EAM database. These values can be easily associated with work orders, preventive maintenance schedules, vehicle records, and repair records. Fluid (fuel and lubricants) management allows you to define different type of fluids and fluid details, issue and receive fluid, define and perform physical inventories of storage tanks.

Consequences of Poor Fleet Management:

  • Increased journey times
  • Hold-ups in processing due to reduced deliveries of extracted raw materials
  • Unnecessary capex on new fleet due to long periods of downtime or asset failure
  • Increased fuel cost-per-mile
  • Accidents/Breakdowns / Safety risks for truck operators
  • Long repair times and critical assets out of action
  • Mis-management of inventory / spare parts
  • No accurate record of equipment maintenance costs, depreciation or downtime

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