If you are seeking a way to optimize your Hexagon EAM functionality, one option your organization must pursue is Operator Checklists. Why? Because the Operator Checklist functionality in Hexagon EAM provides for fast entry of equipment checklists by an equipment operator without having to also create a work order.

Step-by-Step Instructions

The process for using Operator Checklists in Hexagon EAM isn’t difficult, simply follow these instructions:

  1. Navigate to the Operator Checklist Screen
  2. Select the Equipment
  3. Select the Task Plan
  4. Click Save or the Checklist Button (the system will then show the checklist items for the selected task plan)
  5. Fill in the Checklist

When this is complete, the results can then be sent to a supervisor for review.  They can also be sent straight to completion, which will end the process. This simply depends on your organization’s procedures and processes.

5 Benefits of Hexagon EAM Operator Checklists

Of course, there are plenty of benefits pertaining to using this functionality in Hexagon EAM. Here are a few that came to mind:

  • MOBILE: Operator Checklists are available to Mobile users and PC users. Mobile users will execute Operator Checklists through the utilization of a tablet—this is a great way to get more bang for your buck from your mobile license.
  • FLEXIBILITY: Operator Checklists can be used as simple checks for equipment or areas. They can also be used as a valuable PM tool. The biggest benefit is the ability to do a checklist without a work order. And considerable time savings are experienced when you have daily or pre-shift checklists—you can have these checklists completed without having to manage closing and releasing work orders.
  • DATA: Access valuable information about your assets from your operations and maintenance personnel. Checklists can capture data or be simple check offs—the sky is the limit here!  Additionally, if an opportunity is found, the user can create a follow-up work order.
  • OPERATIONS: Operator Checklists are not only to be used by Maintenance—they are a great tool to engage Operations and help this department become active in collecting reliability data for assets. Operators can do their pre-shift inspections and checks as Operator Checklists help prevent breakdowns while entering valuable statistical data into the system.
  • CUSTOM REPORTS: Operator Checklist data can be input into custom reports thereby enabling you to watch for trends. Plus, these can be displayed as a report in an infinite number of other analytical ways. These could help you identify trends and help you predict a failure!

This is just a brief compilation of all of the ways Hexagon EAM’s Operator Checklist functionality could help your business.  For more information, reach out to the DigitalThinker team today and let’s get talking.  We would be happy to help you learn about all of the ways Hexagon EAM can help your business become more efficient, productive, and profitable.  Contact us now!

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