A lot of the Infor EAM users I have the pleasure of working with are using Infor EAM to track labor. Infor EAM has a very easy to use way for users to “book” their labor/time spent working on a work order. To book labor, you need to have an activity on the work order, your employees need to be setup in Infor EAM, and you need trades.  Then users can go to the book labor tab on a work order and book their time. This is something that maintenance departments use to track time spent on work orders and cost of labor spent on pieces of equipment. It can be important data to report on.

Have You Seen This Error Messages in Infor EAM?

When booking labor in Infor EAM, you must enter or choose an employee record, select which activity you are booking labor to, and enter the hours worked. You then hit the save button. If the trade chosen on the activity does not have a rate, you will see an error message that looks like this.

How To Get Rid Of It
I am asked a lot how we get rid of this error. Well it’s simple, we need to put a labor rate on the trades you have in Infor EAM. This will make this message stop appearing when booking labor. The rate is the hourly rate for the trade that is being booked. Now we know that hourly rates for employees are sensitive. A lot of users know what they are paying on their labor; they just want to track the hours worked in Infor EAM, not necessarily maintain the rates that are paid to employees. This is not a problem. We can put 1 dollar as the rate for trades. Now you can track hours without this error message popping up.

To setup the trade rate, you go to the trade screen: Menu: Work – Setup – Trades. Choose a trade, then navigate to the Rate tab. You can now choose a department, enter a rate in and the start/end dates. The rate type is N for normal and O for overtime. Now the confusing error message won’t appear when your users are booking labor!

I hope this helps if you are receiving this message in your environment, and as always please do not hesitate to ask us about how we can help you unleash the full potential of your Infor EAM!

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