DigitalThinker, Inc. Partners with Bentley University for Major Hexagon EAM UpgradeIt can be a daunting task for any large organization to upgrade its Hexagon Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) application. That’s why more and more institutions partner with proven experts to guide them through the process, offering a blend of technical expertise as well as project management acumen. DigitalThinker, Inc. is one technology company that big organizations can depend on to augment or roll out new technological endeavors; as an example, the company recently partnered with Bentley University in Waltham, Massachusetts, upgrading the school’s Hexagon Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software suite from version 11.1 to version 11.4.

“DigitalThinker started providing services to Bentley University’s Facilities Management Department in 2003,” shares Tony Bolan, the founder and CEO of DigitalThinker. “In fact, they were our second customer when we started the company. Over the years they have come to us to help them solve problems and expand their use of EAM. They are like family to us, and it is our privilege to partner with them.”

Mr. Bolan and his DigitalThinker team provided functional and technical support, as well as project management. The upgrade project, an ambitious undertaking, was also supported by personnel from several Bentley departments. “We had only 20 days to organize many moving parts into an organized, collaborative team and complete the upgrade before students began arriving on campus for fall semester,” Bolan explains. “Bentley University is hosted on-premise and has been live since 2003. During that time, they have acquired a significant number of records and utilize many additional add-ons and integrations, making for a complex digital landscape.”

The upgrade is one of many successful projects between Bentley University and DigitalThinker. In 2014, DigitalThinker upgraded Bentley from EAM Enterprise version 10.1.2 to EAM Enterprise version 11.1. In the years following that upgrade, Hexagon has released several additional software updates for version 11.1, all of which Bentley has implemented. “These updates increase ‘out of the box’ functionality, improve the overall end user experience on PCs and mobile devices, and enable the use of checklists on mobile devices for Bentley’s facilities maintenance team,” Bolan explains.

With each of these projects, the Bentley team has reached out to DigitalThinker, confident they would be able to deliver both the technical ability and business efficiency required. “Having [DigitalThinker] guide us through the upgrade has made the process so smooth!” notes one Bentley representative. “Thank you for all of your help with the Hexagon [EAM] upgrade! It was great working with you, and you made the experience a great one!”


DigitalThinker, Inc. is a certified Hexagon EAM vendor, providing both technical and functional support for large organizations across the country. The company is known for its commitment to building strong, long-lasting client relationships— DigitalThinker can help your company upgrade Hexagon EAM, migrate from MP2 to EAM, or realize the true potential of your Hexagon EAM software.

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