Specifically, are you capturing your MOC process in your maintenance program? I am talking to you in the petrochemical world as well as anyone else who faces a reality where MOCs are not only critical for the health of the organization but are also required per government regulations. It would certainly make sense to have this in your CMMS, right?

According to Google, an MOC is defined as, “Management of Change (MOC) is a best practice used to ensure that safety, health, and environmental risks and hazards are properly controlled when an organization makes changes to their facilities, operations, or personnel.”

Essentially, you are documenting—from a digital perspective, of course—the MOC process from start to finish; creation through approval onto completion and closing. Now, is it possible to do that in Hexagon EAM? Yes, it is.

To provide you with a 10K foot overview, Hexagon EAM has a module called Case Management, wherein tasks can be assigned. We are using a copy of Case Management and specific statuses/types to accomplish the MOC process in EAM. If a sequential approval process is needed, Flex SQL, email notifications, and user defined screens are used.

The Process Safety Management team can enter MOCs and associate the tasks specific for that MOC. And subsequently, they can assign the tasks to the individuals that need to complete them. It will, of course, handle any supporting documents, and can be associated with work orders, equipment, etc. From there, the MOC is set to “awaiting approval” and progresses through a list of individuals who have the ability to approve sequence by sequence. Users are notified via email. Once the last approval is delivered, the MOC emails the tasks to the users and they can begin working on the MOC.


Our MOC will be captured in Hexagon EAM from that point on.

And before I forget…note that you can still print them, if you want to support our customers in the lumber industry. We use a custom report that allows the printing of an MOC in a clean format.

If you would like to talk about how Hexagon EAM can help you streamline your MOC process, please do not hesitate to reach out. We would love to discuss how to implement MOCs in EAM with you!

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