Why You Should Consider the Cloud for Hexagon EAMYou have recognized utilizing a CMMS System will help manage your maintenance, now you need to consider how you will manage the CMMS! With Hexagon EAM we have two good options of hosting the application, with only one option being a great one.

Hexagon requires a few servers and databases to keep all the behind the scenes stuff going so the application works great for you every time you login. These can be installed on local servers, or as we call it “On Premise” or they can be installed by Hexagon in the cloud (Amazon Web Services).

On Premise:

If you choose to have host your Hexagon EAM on premise you (IT) will be responsible for keeping the servers up and running. EAM needs a few servers to work best, servers for the application and a server for the reporting tools. Any updates that Hexagon releases will need to be downloaded through HexagonXtreme and installed to keep you on the latest and greatest version. This also means you must keep up with the patches/scripts for mobile. This will require your service contractors to utilize VPNs to access your environment, which is one more important thing to keep up with.


When Hexagon hosts your EAM in the cloud we call it “Hosted”. Hexagon uses Amazon Web Service of AWS to host many EAM Environments. This is certainly the way to go in my opinion. You pay for service/support with Hexagon, let them handle this for you. AWS is a very secure and super reliable way to keep EAM up and running. You will also get the latest and greatest versions of EAM once they are available. Hexagon’s Hosted team keeps all the environments up and running fast and smooth. They are always available and there to help should you experience in issues or have any questions. You also have the confidence that the data is backed up and secure with AWS.

This leaves you with just worrying about using the application as a maintenance tool. Another very big benefit is your environment can be accessed from anywhere you have a internet connection.

In Conclusion

Making the decisions to purchase Hexagon EAM was a big one but choosing how to host can affect your experience with the application long term. If you would like to discuss the different options and which may best suit you, please give us a call. We have technical resources that can explain the installation and maintenance for on premise as compared to hosted. We are here to help you make the best decision for your organization. We want you to be successful and setting up for success is the first step!

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