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How to Send Reports Attached to Email Notifications

With Infor EAM Messenger you can send an e-mail notification that includes a report. Suppose you want an e-mail notification sent to your main contact at the supplier of the Purchase Order you just approved or automatically send a Preventive Maintenance Work Order to the contractor that normally does the work.

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Closing Codes For Beginners

Closing codes in the EAM world are four valuable pieces of information to be captured on each and every work order at the time of closing. These four pieces of information help a maintenance department determine common reoccurring problems in their areas of responsibility.

Changing an Equipment Code with EAM

In EAM, we drill it into people’s head that a code field cannot be changed, updated, or reused after the record is created, saved, and associated with another system record. However, recently we have found a new action when you right click on any equipment record in version 11.3.

Managing EAM on a Tight Maintenance Budget

One of the biggest hurdles some of our customers face is a budget constraint when it comes to services and project costs for their maintenance software. It’s no secret that maintenance departments often have small budgets anyway, which makes it difficult to get a lot of projects approved.