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Once upon a time, Hexagon EAM Base Configuration would not allow the activation of more users than what was originally purchased. Fast forward to today—where you can now activate as many users as you want. However, you’ll get a call from the Hexagon Auditor, and you will pay handsomely for those new users. Supposedly this is an SAP, Microsoft and Oracle trick to gain more revenue. It definitely works! One of our customers got hit with a $35,000.00 bill for using licenses they had not paid for.

How to Avoid the Problem

System administrators have to know how many seats they’ve bought. If you’ve inherited a mess, then you can find out from your Hexagon Sales Rep. You can build a simple flex against the r5 users table to raise an error when you exceed the number of users you’ve paid for, or you can make a simple inbox for your start center to show when you’re in trouble. I find it easier to go the inbox route.

For Hexagon Cloud customers using Hexagon OS, you’ll find users under the hood that you’ll never see from the user setup screen, so you have to take those users into account. The Inbox SQL below shows how to write a simple SQL statement to give you an accurate count of active users.

SQL Statement Text

FROM r5users

AND usr_active = ‘+’

Inbox Hyperlink
Screen: BSUSER

AND usr_active = ‘+’

Inbox Ranges
Set the range of your inbox to go red when the number of users bought and paid for is exceeded.

If you have any additional questions or would like to learn more about avoiding Hexagon audit surprises, feel free to contact DigitalThinker, Inc

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