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Infor EAM Software Education

Quickly become an expert EAM user with affordable training programs, taught by experienced and certified EAM consultants from DigitalThinker

EAM Training

Infor EAM Software Training

Training is one of the critical components needed to utilize the full value of your investment. By providing your users with essential product knowledge, you will increase their productivity and ultimately the revenue for your company. Studies have shown that specially trained employees are up to 230% more productive than untrained personnel working in the same role.

Product Knowledge

When you are wanting to get the most out of your software solution, you need a team of experts who can be a source for all of your product knowledge. The training we provide at DigitalThinker can be tailored to your specific needs, or based on a standard set of topics. Our goal is to provide you with the right content, at the right level, at the right time.

With our Boot Camp training, you will accomplish the following:

  • Improved employee productivity
  • Enhanced user knowledge
  • Higher user acceptance
  • Less frequent support requests
  • Maximized use of your software

Start getting the most out of you Infor EAM Software Solution!

Training Programs

DigitalThinker can provide you with whatever customized training you may specifically need. For users who are new to EAM and need a basic understanding on how to get started, we have developed two introductory courses designed for just that. Customers have the option to attend training at our facility (which is preferred), or we can send an instructor/consultant out to your facility.

Infor EAM Boot Camp

Infor EAM Boot Camp is a one week course that covers the essential functions of Infor EAM. It is a hands on, exercise driven introductory course to Infor EAM Software. It’s designed for MP2 System Administrators or anyone else seeking in depth knowledge of the software functions.

After successful completion of this course you will be able to train other users upon your return which saves you time and money. This course covers basic and advanced Infor EAM Navigation and functions.

What’s Included:

Infor EAM Advanced Functional

Online Training Videos

DigitalThinker provides free training videos that cover some of the most commonly requested topics regarding Infor EAM Software. Let us know of any additional videos you would like us to add. We would love to hear from you!

Our Blog

Our Blogs include information and helpful tips about using Infor EAM Software! Here you can find solutions for some of the most commonly asked questions with EAM functionality as well as some helpful tips to some of the common problems.

Training Methods

Why choose DigitalThinker?

Unlike our competitors, our methods of teaching are different than what you would typically expect. DigitalThinker’s focus is to develop a personalized experience with your team and we encourage lots of interaction with everyone.

Most importantly, our certified instructors bring real world experience from the field and apply their knowledge in a hands-on way that is fun and easy to understand.


Off Site Training

One of the benefits our clients experience with traveling to DigitalThinker for training is that it gets them away from their typical daily distractions. Each class will have two instructors and students have the option of either using their own laptop or a training computer provided by DigitalThinker.

To ensure the maximum effectiveness of the program, it is recommended to have no more than 6 students at a time. However, we are able to accommodate a maximum of 9 if needed.