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The Power Behind DigitalThinker

The power behind DigitalThinker is its people and their passion for getting results. The combination of skills, expertise, and experience that our team brings to each project allows our clients to get the results they are looking for. Problem-solving combined with a dedication to our clients is what drives each and every one of us.

Founder of DigitalThinker

Tony Bolan founded DigitalThinker after mastering MP2 and MP5 software at Datastream, an industry leader in CMMS and EAM software. Datastream pioneered the Infor EAM technology, and Tony made it his mission to help companies integrate the technology to effectively solve their problems. He founded DigitalThinker on the premise that, as Voltaire put it, “No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking.”

DigitalThinker Infor EAM Software
Tony Bolan

Tony Bolan

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Tony is the vision behind DigitalThinker. His problem-solving mind and dedication to his clients directs DigitalThinker’s philosophy and day-to-day business. When Tony is not running the company, he loves sailing, time with his grandchildren and German Shepherds, and just being home.

Maria Bolan

Maria Bolan

Chief Financial Officer/Office Manager

Tony’s wife, Maria, has been with DigitalThinker since the beginning. She coordinates communication with clients, keeps the books, and manages the office, ensuring that DigitalThinker runs like clockwork.  Maria’s downtime includes fun with the grandkids, gardening and reading.

Maria Bolan has been an integral part of DigitalThinker since it’s formation. Her role as CFO and Office Administrator has helped to bring DigitalThinker from a home operated business to a now thriving and successful company. Now with it’s own headquarters location and several dedicated team members, DigitalThinker is very much alive and growing. Maria is the backbone of all company operations and continues to dedicate herself each day to ensure things operate smoothly.

Extended Team Members


DigitalThinker employs a team of in-house as well as contracted Infor EAM consultants. Our consultants are carefully selected by Tony and possess an extensive amount of experience and expertise with Infor EAM products. As a result, they have the ability to build strong, lasting, and valuable relationships with their clients in order to provide the best consulting services possible.

Rest assured in knowing that you can trust each and every one of our team members to provide quality service to you and your company. We believe in doing things the right way, the first time, and we look forward to serving you!

Our Team

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