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The Keys to Performance

Successful enterprises know that establishing utilizing Key Performance Indicators and using critical to-do lists is one of the key essentials to success. One of the best practices is through the use of KPI’s within their EAM software.

One of the biggest benefits in using Infor EAM software is through the use of KPI’s to monitor important operational information. However, you don’t just get a limited set of pre-made selections. Infor EAM allows you to customize your KPI’s in ways like never before.

DigitalThinker uses Flex SQL to help manipulate the system to work with your required business processes. With the Grid Designer, you can have the data you need on one screen for querying and reporting functionality.


Write your own KPIs and Inboxes to help with:

  • Benchmarking
  • Organizational Trends
  • Real time supply information
  • Many other critical factors for your business processes


Key performance indicators and to-do lists provide the opportunity for a company to more fully utilize information already available within the organization to promote greater efficiency, stronger performance, and continuous improvement – all directed toward accomplishing company-wide business objectives for stronger asset performance.

Enterprising companies have used KPIs and to-do lists to:Infor EAM KPI data

  • Determine the expiration for equipment warranties.
  • Gauge response times for service calls
  • View total number of open work orders
  • Monitor monthly booked labor

There are so many other ways to use KPI’s and to-do lists with Infor EAM. These are only a few examples.



Monitoring KPIs

Monitor critical asset performance indicators, such as proactive versus reactive work orders, without having to configure software or run reports. Using dashboard-like gauges, KPIs provide a snapshot of how assets are performing in an easy-to-read format.

Inbox and scorecard with KPIs—are offered on the Infor EAM home page. The Inbox functions as a to-do list that allows individual users to specify automatically generated numerical counts of items awaiting action such as requisitions or work orders. The scorecard displays a graphical depiction of KPI status based on user-specified parameters. Through KPIs, users can define and monitor asset performance indicators, such as mean time between equipment failures, without having to run reports

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