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iSeries EAM Services

DigitalThinker now provides EAM software services for clients who are using the IBM iSeries platform!

Infor’s iSeries EAM (Elke)

Infor iSeries EAM, formally known as Elke Corporation’s Main/Tracker and SSA BPCS Plant Maintenance, is the leading software solution that operates on the IBM iSeries platform. For over 40 years iSeries EAM (Elke/BPCS) has helped thousands of plants, facilities and fleets around the world improve their asset management operations. DigitalThinker is here to help this technology continue growing.

iSeries EAM

iSeries EAM Today

In the EAM software industry there are several systems that are considered “tool chests “and many systems that are considered “tool boxes”. The iSeries EAM system has always been considered a “tool chest” which has many tools to choose from. However, ask yourself this; “In our system, how many of these tools are we using and how many have yet to be used”?

With proper training and implementation of these available enhancements, or “tools”, existing clients report significant improvements in work flow and their end users are now “growing into the system as opposed to growing out of the system.”

We Have The Tools You Need

Since Infor no longer provides training and enhancements to the system, DigitalThinker has taken the lead. For the past 25 years, our training services have a proven track record of enhancing our client’s use of the system   which leads to a reduction in asset management costs. Furthermore, our software enhancements were designed while “in the trenches” and are guaranteed to provide end users with “ease of use and speed of use”.

Revolutionary Technology

Let Us Help

DigitalThinker has expanded our company to provide EAM services and support for iSeries clients. Whether your company needs assistance in leveraging their existing technology or adopting modern technologies – we can help. We encourage your company to review the significant benefits of our services as well as the client designed enhancements.

iSeries EAM

DigitalThinker is pleased to announce Jim Nelson as a part of our team. Jim started his EAM career 34 years ago at Elke Corporation.  After the acquisition of Elke by SSA in 1993,  Jim started his own EAM services company, TEAMS Corporation.  During that time, he has worked with hundreds of companies and trained thousands of end users on how to improve their asset management operations. His expertise in providing solutions for plant, facilities and fleet asset management is  highly respected in the industry.

Now that TEAMS Corporation and DigitalThinker have joined forces,  Jim is able to continue utilizing his skills as an expert EAM Consultant. Furthermore, he now has the support and resources he needs to expand the capabilities and functionality of the iSeries EAM product.

We offer iSeries EAM Software enhancements!

  • Client Driven Design
  • Reduce your system use costs
  • Increase end user’s “ease of use”
  • Increase end user’s “speed of use”
  • Increase quality of KPI reporting
  • Available with all EAM Release Levels

Contact us for more information regarding the Enhancements. 

Benefits of EAM Software:

  • Ability To Track Any “Maintenance Worthy” Asset
  • Designed For “Ease Of Use/ Speed Of Use” – 30 Second Work Order
  • Improve Communications Between Operations And Maintenance
  • Reduce Total Asset Ownership Costs
  • Increase Asset Reliability And Life Cycles
  • Improve Optimal Asset Replacement Timing Decisions
  • Increase Asset Calibration Tracking
  • Improve Inventory Usage, Reduce Outages/Overages
  • Increase Warranty Claims Tracking
  • Improve Purchase Controls For All Non-Direct Items
  • Schedule Planned Component Replacements
  • Increase Labor Productivity And Employee Satisfaction
  • Improve Outside Contractor Scheduling Activities
  • Increase Manpower And Material Scheduling Activities
  • Improve Preventive Maintenance Scheduling Activities
  • Reduce Double Entry Of Information And Paperwork
  • Increase Availability Of Meaningful EAM Information

Available Modules for iSeries EAM:

  • Asset Tracking
  • Work Request Scheduling
  • Asset LTD Costing
  • Work Order Planning & Scheduling
  • Asset History
  • Capital Project Tracking
  • Asset Warranty Tracking
  • Outside Contractor Tracking
  • Asset Scheduling
  • MRO Parts Inventory
  • Asset Data Sheets
  • MRO Parts Requisitioning
  • Component Tracking
  • MRO Parts Purchasing
  • PM Work Order Planning & Scheduling
  • MRO Parts Receiving
  • Calibration Tracking
  • MRO Parts Accounts Payable
  • System Support – Group/User Profiles & User Menus

DigitalThinker provides the following services for iSeries (Elke) EAM Software:

  • Consulting & Implementation – On-Site
  • Classroom Training – On-Site
  • Go To Meeting Training
  • System Review – 2 to 3 day in depth Audit & Management Report
  • Software Enhancements – Storeroom Bar-Coding
  • Data Cleansing – Assets & Part Records
  • Software Enhancements – Single Screen Work Order Entry
  • Asset PM Research
  • Software Enhancements – Advanced Equipment & Part Inquiry
  • KPI Development & Dashboards
  • Software Enhancements – Part Master Records – Data Clean Up
  • Support Department – Help Desk
  • Query Reports – Dozens Available & Query End User Training
  • Data Conversion Services – To EAM & From EAM
  • Custom Programming
  • Data Gathering – Plant Walk Downs
  • BPCS AMI Interface Enhancements
  • Financial Systems Integration
  • Fuel Dispensing System Interfaces
  • iSeries EAM Software Distribution
  • Customized End User Menus – Technician, Planner, Supervisor etc.
  • Original System Documentation
  • Customized End User Guides

DigitalThinker is able to serve a variety of industries:

  • Manufacturing
  • Process
  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Education
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Utilities
  • Transportation
  • Food and Beverage
  • Facilities
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Lumber
  • Oil & Gas
  • Paper Products
  • Recycling
  • Green Energy/Ethenol

These are just a few of the many industries we serve! Get in touch with us to find out how DigitalThinker can serve your industry.

The Beginning

Elke Corporation was founded in 1978 by Bob Nelson and Tony Phillippi, at the request of IBM.  With the introduction of IBM “mid-range” computers in the 2nd half of the seventies, there was a significant need for “packaged” software systems. IBM and Bob’s collaboration actually dates back to 1962 when the S.J. Groves Highway Construction Company first computerized their asset management operations. Bob started his Groves career as a parts man, mechanic and eventually vice president of equipment. When Bob retired from Groves in the early seventies, Groves had grown to become the nation’s’ largest builder of interstate highways and Caterpillar’s largest customer.  It has often been said: “If you travel an interstate highway, east of the Mississippi, it is likely that Bob built it”.  Many consider Bob Nelson as the  “visionary of the original Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) industry.”

Partnering With IBM

The Elke Main/Tracker system initially operated on the IBM system 34. Throughout the 1980’s Main/Tracker was migrated to the 36, 38, AS/400 and iSeries platforms.  In 1986, Elke joined the IBM Business Partners program and went on to become one of IBM’s  most valued Partners.  In the early 90’s the Elke Main/Tracker System was recognized as the most widely used EAM system on the IBM Midrange computer platform. Main/Tracker had over 2,500 systems installed worldwide, and was used in over 20 industries.

Renamed to BPCS

In 1993, System Software Associates (SSA) realized the need to incorporate an asset management solution into its “suite of ERP products called BPCS”, and acquired Elke. Elke’s Main/Tracker was renamed to BPCS Plant Maintenance at the time. In 2000, SSA was acquired by Gores Technology to become SSA Global Technologies.  In 2006, Infor acquired SSA and are the current owners of iSeries EAM.  In the last 25 years, several hundred new companies have joined the iSeries EAM install base. Today, with the continued support of Infor , the iSeries EAM product is still considered a “Best of Breed” solution and continues to be the most widely used EAM system on IBM’s iSeries computer.

DigitalThinker iSeries Clients

Aptar/Seaquist Perfect
Berry Plastics
Berryville Graphics
CertainTeed Building Products
Douglas Battery
Eagle Ottawa Leather
Formica Corporation
Halkey Roberts Corporation
Handgards, Inc.
Haynes International
Interface Performance Materials
Kleerdex Corporation
Mohawk Paper Mills
Outokumpu Copper
Polartec, LLC
Sandvik Materials
Sensus Metering Systems
Spontex Mapa
Tamco Steel
Thomson Consumer Electric
Tyco Healthcare
Wabash Technologies
Westrock Company
YKK Corporation
Yupo Corporation
Truth Hardware
Boehinger Ingleheim Chemicals
Friendship Dairies
American Italian Pasta
Burlington Chemical
City of Baltimore, DPW
ConAgra Foods
Cott Beverages
Fleet Laboratories
Gerber Baby Products
Imperial Sugar
Kellog’s Company
Lance Foods
Maple Leaf Foods
Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee
Nestle Foods
Nestle Purina Petcare
New York Power Authority
Pepperidge Farms
Pinnacle Foods Corporation
Plantation Foods
Sandoz Chemicals
Southeastern Mills
Swanson Frozen Foods
Syntex Labs
Vlasic Pickles
Western Lake Superior Sanitation
AngloGold Ashanti
Baltimore County Public Schools
Collier County School District
Duval County School District
Ft. Wayne School District
Grapevine School District
Hazelwood School District
Hernando County School District
King Ranch
Lee County School District
Manatee County School District
McKinney School District
Murphy Family Farms
North American Coal
Orange County School District
Pinellas County Schools
Titan America
Volusia County School District
Baptist Memorial Hospital
Childrens Hospital of Akron
Jacksonville Port Authority
Latrobe Area Hospital
Minneapolis Park & Recreation
Mississippi Valley State University
N.C. Baptist Memorial
Service Master
Ames Construction
BOH Bros Construction
City of Las Cruces
Dean Word Construction
Fulton County Fleet
Granite Construction
Hamilton County Engineers
International Paper
New Enterprise Stone & Lime
Phillippi Equipment
State Paving
Traylor Brothers, Inc.
Weekly Asphalt Paving
Western Mobile Construction

DigitalThinker provides a total solution including application software, consulting, education, custom development, support, research services and hardware.

Our clients and business partners are a strategic asset of our business and a key reason for our existence. That is why we will continue to focus on helping our clients achieve their business objectives through the successful implementation of their EAM and related systems.