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Increase productivity and save valuable time with Infor EAM Mobile application

Infor EAM Mobile award winning product

Gain a Mobile Edge

To get maximum value from your enterprise assettopmonitors-600x300
management (EAM) solution, your technicians need
access to your system anyplace, any time. Some of the
most important asset management tasks need to be
done in the field, where many critical assets are located.

Mobile access to EAM gives your maintenance and asset
management professionals the critical information
they need, where they need it the most—at the point
of performance. Infor® EAM customers can now get
easy mobile access on popular mobile platforms.

Infor EAM Mobile delivers a state-of-the-art technology

With Infor EAM Mobile, you can:

  • Allow mobile workers to record as they work, rather than recording after the fact.
  • Automate work order tasks and requests for labor, saving up to 20% on associated labor cost.
  • Improve response time and avoid unnecessary travel.

As a result, you get greater productivity in the field and a quick return on investment.

Empowering Field Service

Mobile makes it possible to access and update data whether online or offline and automates virtually every aspect of maintenance and data collection. It allows users to create field-based work orders, use drill-down menus to retrieve information about equipment, and capture actual “wrench time” as work occurs.

Some of the benefits you will see with EAM Mobile are:


  • Improved accuracy with data.
  • Better delivery of service.
  • Ability to manage assets more efficiently.
  • Ease the work load on your field personnel.
  • Better Work Order Management.
  • Improved asset tracking.
  • 21 CFR 11 support.

Mobile Platform

Versatility across networks

Run Infor EAM Mobile on a wide variety of devices. This includes Apple™, iPad®, iPhone, iTouch, and Android tablets and phones. You can also use traditional industrial mobile platforms that run Windows CE from Microsoft®.

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