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Dedication at it’s finest

Our consultants are dedicated fixers, problem solvers, and experts in maintenance and asset management solutions.

What we do

DigitalThinker helps companies manage their physical assets and improve preventive maintenance so they can operate at peak efficiency. This result is improved profitability, less production downtime, optimized maintenance practices and many other valuable benefits. We do this by providing and integrating Infor™ Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) technology while developing strategic solutions to specific processes.


Clients typically see the following benefits when using DigitalThinker to implement Infor EAM Software:

50% reduction in labor and contractor costs
20% reduction in maintenance material costs
20% reduction in production downtime
20% or more in energy reduction
5% reduction in new equipment costs
10% increase in fleet availability
50% increase in warranty costs recovery
50% reduction in purchasing process costs

Unique strategies

What our clients enjoy the most about using DigitalThinker is that we focus on specific problem areas and develop solutions that make the most sense. We don’t believe in a standard set of solutions for everyone, which for most EAM consultants is “change it all and start over”. Instead, we believe that having a smooth transition, little change, and lower cost is more desirable and keeps everyone happy. And we like happy customers.

How we do it

DigitalThinker consultants are experts in problem solving and live for a good challenge. Do you have a challenging problem that needs an expert?

Our Process

The DigitalThinker Process

Through various strategic techniques, DigitalThinker is able to help clients determine which Infor EAM solution would best meet their unique situations. Strategies for implementation are then developed based on input from the client and the software is customized for their specific needs. We then provide full, hands-on training to help users master the myriad ways that Infor™ technology can make their asset management process streamlined and efficient. It’s that simple.

Want a consultant who can make things simple?

Of course you do…It makes life so much easier.