Checklist: Sorting Using Routes

How to fix checklist items when they don’t show up correctly on Work Orders?


Checklist with Routes: Checklist items are not grouped by equipment

When it comes to sorting checklist items, one question I seem to get asked on a regular basis is; “When I use checklists in EAM with routes, why do the checklists not list properly on the Work Order? Shouldn’t it be grouped by equipment as the route would be done?”

I agree 100%! Let’s get in there and make that checklist look like it should.


Checklist is entered for 3 checklist items, sequence 10, 20, 30. The checklist items type is set to “Route and Equipment”. The following items should be setup when creating the PM schedule:

  1. A Route with several pieces of equipment
  2. A PM schedule is setup with a checklist on the activity
  3. The route is associated with the PM Equipment


The users find the list is grouped by the checklist item and not grouped by the equipment on the route. Using Routes to reduce the work order count is a great idea, but not when it makes the checklist much more difficult to use for the end user! I can see how this makes using the awesome checklist functionality a bit frustrating for most users.

As you can see the checklist is not grouped together by equipment. It would make sense as the user is working through the route, equipment by equipment, that the checklist items would be sorted that way.


The solution is quite simple for this one! Remember, that weird little thing you heard your trainer call a Dataspy? Well there is a sort function that can clean this up for you. Here are the steps to a better looking checklist:

  1. Go to a Work Order that has a checklist
  2. Go to the Checklist tab
  3. Click the Edit button next to the Dataspy about your checklist
  4. Choose the Sort tab (on the left)
  5. Once on the sort tab in the 1st sort choose Equipment
  6. In the 2nd sort choose Sequence
  7. Now choose save

When your Dataspy runs it should re-sort the list to group the checklist items by equipment. This is a common issue we see with checklist and routes. We know that anything we can do to make EAM easier for the end user is a success. This is a simple Dataspy edit that will certainly make a huge impact to the users executing the checklist. I hope this article was helpful. If you have any questions about checklist or EAM, please do not hesitate to ask! We are here to help!

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