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With EAM Software, you will be connected to a new set of opportunities within your organization to reach new company goals, grow your revenue, and accelerate your production and sales.

EAM – The Basics

Enterprise Asset Management software manages the entire lifecycle of an asset. Everything from creation or procurement through to disposal. It also helps organizations move from a reactive to a preventive maintenance strategy by automating maintenance activities, inventory management, and work orders.

Asset lifecycle management

Keep data and documentation for all your assets at your fingertips, so it's there when you need it - regardless of where you are in the asset's lifecycle.

Work Order Management

Diagnose a problem and quickly assign specific technicians to the job. Schedule and organize work orders for employees and contractors while keeping track of the works progress.

MRO materials management

Get full oversight on procurement and inventory management. EAM software helps you control costs by understanding demand for parts and materials in your facility and helps you manage them accordingly.

Technician management

Manage assessment, training, and certifications for employees and contractors responsible for maintenance management. Always know who is the most qualified to perform specific tasks.


Secure electronic records and store all historical data for each asset for compliance regulations. Quickly and easily access maintenance records or other asset related data in the event of an audit.

Budget Management

Gather data on the costs associated with work orders, and integrate with finance software to manage accounting. Use historical cost data to plan future budgets and run reports to see where cost savings can be applied for future work.

Empower your maintenance team

Employ a software platform that’s easy to use and works better in this new connected age of maintenance and asset management.


Designed for progress

Infor EAM gives you the power to improve asset management in ways that improve overall productivity. Increase reliability, enhance predictive maintenance, ensure regulatory compliance, and support sustainability initiatives all from one application.

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Benefits of upgrading to EAM

  • Ability To Track Any “Maintenance Worthy” Asset
  • Designed For “Ease Of Use/ Speed Of Use” – 30 Second Work Order
  • Improve Communications Between Operations And Maintenance
  • Reduce Total Asset Ownership Costs
  • Increase Asset Reliability And Life Cycles
  • Improve Optimal Asset Replacement Timing Decisions
  • Improve Inventory Usage, Reduce Outages/Overages
  • Improve Purchase Controls For All Non-Direct Items
  • Schedule Planned Component Replacements
  • Increase Warranty Claims Tracking
  • Increase Asset Calibration Tracking
  • Increase Labor Productivity And Employee Satisfaction
  • Increase Manpower And Material Scheduling Activities
  • Improve Outside Contractor Scheduling Activities
  • Improve Preventive Maintenance Scheduling Activities
  • Reduce Double Entry Of Information And Paperwork

Infor’s EAM product is a very easy to use system. It has a stylish front end that is simple for everyone to pick up….. Within the product there are many areas for customization. This is a great thing to be able to tailor parts of the system to users. The use of custom grids and inboxes really helps users focus in on what they need without getting bogged down by other issues”  Grant – Western Lake Superior Sanitary District

Asset Management/Work Orders

Improve reliability and performance of equipment. Track every asset through it’s entire life-cycle.  

Assign specific parts and add detailed instructions to work orders for the maintenance technicians to follow.

Asset Management - DigitalThinker
Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

View real time information on the dashboard with customizable KPI’s. Immediately see what areas are running well, and which ones need attention so you can plan accordingly.

Maintenance Optimization

Easily create a preventive maintenance schedule for your assets. Set them up to run on a calendar frequency or metered run time.

Provide information on PM Work orders such as lock out tag out procedures, diagrams, and pictures.

Maintenance Optimization - DigitalThinker

“With Infor EAM, we have over 5,000 pieces of equipment with preventive maintenance orders written to each one, and we’ve reduced our reactive maintenance call-ins from 30 to 40 a year to about 6 or 7” –  Tom Kane, Director of Facilities Management – Bentley University

Inventory Tracking DigitalThinker

Inventory Tracking/Purchasing

Easily manage spare parts inventories to keep critical spares on hand while reducing number of parts not being used. Assign specific parts to equipment and auto reorder replacements based on usage. 

Store supplier information and their current pricing for quick and easy purchasing.

Mobile Application

EAM software applications are web based and can be accessed from anywhere an internet connection exists. This includes mobile devices.

Users can now access EAM from their iPhone, Android, or PC tablet from the field.

EAM Mobile Application
Infor EAM Software V11.3

Customization and Ease of Use

Infor EAM is the most configurable software on the market. With the help of DigitalThinker, you can customize every aspect of your software to meet your company’s specific needs.

Customize the dashboard to show important information you need while eliminating the needless stuff.

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Choosing DigitalThinker is the smartest way to improve your company’s performance.

DigitalThinker implements and manages EAM for you. We provide timely service that delivers practical and effective solutions for whatever problems your organization faces. Best of all, we have developed strategies for clients with restrictive maintenance budgets to help reduce costs for services.