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Asset Management to Increase Performance

Asset Management Solution

asset_management_software-300x200Top-performing maintenance organizations face a long list of challenges. That’s why most companies are recognizing the need for a software solution to help them with improving their asset performance. One of the biggest challenges is having an effective Asset Management process and Preventive Maintenance program. It’s not about simply fixing something when it breaks. It’s about Improving asset efficiency, availability and reliability to positively impact the bottom line and increase the life-cycle of each asset.

Infor’s EAM Software helps companies simplify and streamline the asset management process. Through dashboards, predefined and customized reports, and scenario modeling, useful data can be incorporated into your strategic planning and preventive maintenance process. The result is better asset performance and lower maintenance costs.

Work Order Optimization


Another major problem most companies face is within their work order processes. Not having a good system in place causes higher maintenance and labor costs.

With Infor EAM, you can easily create, schedule, and assign work orders, standardize maintenance processes with the use of checklists, and include a material list for parts needed to complete the work. You can do this on a PC or Tablet. You can also perform condition monitoring and analytics with KPIs, Inboxes, and Custom Reports to help you create better preventive maintenance schedules.

With Infor EAM Software you can;

Schedule preventive Maintenance and improve up-time
Identify assets that are likely to under-perform
Determine what impact a change will have on other activities
Set a course of action to get things back on schedule
Predict the likely effect of increasing an asset's availability
Align Assets to achieve strategic goals

With Work Order Optimization you can;

Assign specific work orders to individual technicians
Manage maintenance-related work order processes more efficiently
Get notifications when work orders are complete
Schedule maintenance based on asset condition rather than only arbitrary dates
Model scenarios to determine optimum preventive maintenance
Easily assign and issue parts to work orders

Better managing your assets doesn’t have to be so difficult. Improve your processes to increase asset performance, cut costs, and put less strain on your maintenance program. Having a customized software application that does the work for you makes it easy to do just that and more!

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