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About DigitalThinker

The power behind DigitalThinker is it’s people and their passion for getting results


The beginning of DigitalThinker

DigitalThinker was started over 13 years ago in Simpsonville, South Carolina by Tony Bolan. Tony was a consultant for Datastream (now Infor) and he developed a passion for asset management software. This passion eventually led to an idea to start his own consulting firm and become a partner with Infor to provide services for Infor EAM Software. Today, DigitalThinker has seen tremendous growth, but Tony stays true to his vision of providing honest, affordable, and quality service to the manufacturing world. With DigitalThinker companies get reliable, realistic, and practical results.

Solutions for everyone

We serve a wide range of enterprises who are looking to improve their overall preventive maintenance and asset management processes. We know that every company is different, each having their own unique way of doing things. This understanding allows us to provide a customized software platform based on the specific needs of each company. Providing simple and effective solutions that are molded into your current process is what sets DigitalThinker apart from the rest.

Industries we serve:

Facilities Management
Steel Mills
Lumber Mills
Oil Refining
Natural Gas Storage
News Printing


 These are just a few of the various industries we serve.

Our mission is simple – to help companies operate at their best

We obsess over solving problems, disrupt the status quo, are perpetually current, and think deeply about everything we do. Delivering the best maintenance and asset management solutions for our customers is what we live by. We build a better way forward through our core values because our customers deserve the best!


The staff at DigitalThinker believes that working together as a team equals success. Our team of dedicated consultants are passionate about what they do and will work together with your team to solve whatever problems your company faces. This method has proven time and time again to not only create a better working environment, but allows for a substantial increase in customer satisfaction as well.

Get in contact with us so we can work together to make your company great again!


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